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#1 - 2015/03/20 11:56:00 PM

Gamers League RBG: Ring of Blood – formally known as Fight Night – will be occurring live on Saturday March 28th and Sunday March 29th @ 4PM EST/9PM CET.

Gamers League Ring of Blood will consist of four to six teams fighting for the chance at a prize of $500. The losing teams will be eliminated until one claims the title of “Champion” at which point he must defend his rank from those who will challenge him.

In our last event, USA PROXEE PKB SX6 ABN claimed the title of “Champion” after beating Trend Setters with a score of 4-0. On Sunday March 29th, eHeroes will face off against the "Champion" after beating Team Naz 3-0 in their series. Saturday’s teams will be competing to prove themselves worthy of fighting the winner of the main event: USA PROXEE PKB SX6 ABN vs eHeroes. Casters Smitey and Desecration will be here with three of our analyzers (soon to be announced) to bring you all of the action as it happens!

Join us Saturday March 28th and Sunday March 29th @ 4PM EST/9PM CET at and for our second Gamers League Ring of Blood event!

The full list of teams will be listed soon.

Hello everyone,

I’m Possum and I am the CoOrganizer for the Gamers League events. After having our second event we got a lot of positive feedback on the changes we made from the Battle of the Atlantic feedback. We’ve made further changes based on some other things that were brought up by our viewers.

First I’ll address the name change: Ring of Blood. Previously the event was only held on one night but after having more teams come to us wanting to join we decided to have it on more than one day making “Fight Night” not make any sense.

One of the main things that was brought up was our cameraman. Previously our stream manager was filling both roles of cameraman and stream manager which made it difficult having to do many things at once. As of now, Giga is now our cameraman which gives Psynaps more breathing room to focus on the stream itself.

As for our shoutcasters, we were told that it was a huge improvement and that our viewers really enjoyed having Breaky this time around. Unfortunately though, Breaky will not be able to attend this event therefore making Smitey one of our shoutcasters which happened to also be a popular request by our viewers.

I would also like to remind everyone that a rulebook was created that is available to everyone with a click of a button on our Twitch channel. The rulebook was created by nine people: three admins from Gamers League, three representatives from the US region and three representatives from the EU region; their names will not be said to respect their privacy. Each section in the rulebook was first discussed among the group before being finalized to ensure complete fairness for all of our participants. For those who may have already downloaded it, some updates were made due to some minor issues that arose during our Fight Night event. Please note that changes will NEVER be made during an event that is already going on, only in between events. The rulebook for Ring of Blood can be found below.

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#6 - 2015/03/21 08:35:00 PM
Blue tagging for visibility. Looking forward to this!