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#1 - 2015/03/10 04:22:00 PM
I am just about sick and tired of the terrible state of Trade Chat. On Ragnaros (Horde) more than half of what is being written in Trade Chat is Gold/service spammers.

"¤ is selling gold 20k = 10 eu - up to 20% added gold! 800k in stock! See you on!¤"

I always report them, when I can, but it seems as if it's pointless.
If you're looking for a guild, or is just generally interested in what people are buying and selling, Trade Chat is definitely not the place to look.

In addition I believe a "Report Gold/service advertising" button should be implemented. Right now I report them for "Spamming", which is what they're doing, but there's a big difference between Gold Advertising and attempting to recruit people for your guild.

Anyways, I just wanted to see what other people's opinions on the matter is.

And in case this is in the wrong forum section, sorry about that.

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#3 - 2015/03/10 05:02:00 PM
There's already an ongoing thread about this just a couple of threads above yours. Please provide any thoughts there: