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#1 - 2015/03/07 12:21:00 AM
What happened to the model feedback threads for blood elves, trolls, night elves etc. that existed on these forums until quite recently? Were they archived or moved somewhere else instead?

I get it that maybe you wanted a clean slate for 6.1.2 but I find it disheartening to say the least that all the good points made in here, along with indepth discussions and the abundance of edits and comparisons they contained, were simply dusted under the carpet, as if all is said and done about the models.

The problem being, a lot may have been said, but definitely next to nothing has so far been done. What happened to "the models are not considered finished and continue to be subject to feedback"? Do we have to keep providing the same feedback over and over then, going around in hectic little circles instead of just expanding upon the structured, extensive commentary that was already provided?

How in all seriousness can you claim to value our feedback and appreciate our input if all of it is just discarded like old trash, while there was so much effort and thought put into these threads? Even if it has been "passed on", there was a lot of stuff in there that was valuable as a point of reference for future and current discussions, which unsurprisingly got a lot more hectic once the models went live and more people got their wake-up call.

Bearing in mind that the official sticky was never reopened when the topic was full, the PTR hardly saw any new iterations (at least for the males and the other races feedback was provided for), and that not a single statement from the artists or developers about their decisions and plans for our models has been made so far, do you honestly expect us to believe you assign any positive value to our feedback, or that our models still take any form of priority?

Because frankly, what it feels like is that the whole topic was considered a way to throw the "rabid dogs" aka your concerned customers a bone during the PTR phase, whilst calculating whether the subs from lowlife, no-standard players that will just gobble up the extra polygons can keep you guys well enough provided for.

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#9 - 2015/03/10 04:59:00 PM
Hey guys, this forum is specifically for feedback about whichever patch is currently being tested. We thoroughly read, compile, and pass on all feedback during the testing phase and once the testing is over, we clear the forum for the next patch.

If you have feedback about anything in the game that is now live, please use one of the appropriate forums.

As always, if you have feedback about the forums or community staff, we always appreciate such, and encourage you to send it to