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#1 - 2015/02/25 07:08:00 PM
Hey Blizz,great job ramping up the garbage that is twitter into the game.

Twitter is just another vehicle to harass players, of either sex, for any reason. The one above is based upon her looks. I feel sad for her to have been harassed in such a manner. I'm sure this young man's mother is an upstanding parent (sarcasm).

I'm finding it hard to believe there are adults in charge at Blizz and that they've thought this decision through. But hey, anything for a laugh, right? It's just an "internet personality" and no one will be hurt .... right?

I find your decision to include twitter as part of your game repulsive as well as a complete and utter failure. I no longer choose not to participate in either, as I am not part of the entitlement/narcissistic generation, thankfully, and I am unable to understand such self-serving and aggrandizing garbage.

Don't worry kids, the internet will die tomorrow anyway and WoW will eventually be lag city.

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#63 - 2015/02/25 08:08:00 PM
The ability to send out tweets from within the game doesn't add any functionality that does not already exist by using the standard Twitter website.

Twitter tends to be a fairly open platform, but if you see anything taking place that violates their rules or code of conduct, I would recommend taking the appropriate actions with Twitter as per their guidelines.

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