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#1 - 2015/02/04 06:01:00 PM
Just curious how many expansions we should expect until stormwind is finally fixed? I mean holy cow! I get tired of looking at Orgrimmar with their new gates and fancy CAPITAL city. Obviously they hired better engineers... The Alliance must have hired some gnomes or something?!

Either way it's about time for the King to fire the old repair crew who for almost 2 years now have been working on a single building.... and the pigeon is still standing in the same spot overlooking the water - must be a gargoyle in disguise.

The Fire under the water is still burning. (Must have been cast by the Blood Elf warlocks)

It's just annoying at this point how painfully slow SW is at getting "Repaired". Can we get a little TLC here?

This happened sometime around march 2011..
2011 -2012 = 1 year
2012 -2013 = 2 year
2013 - 2014 = 3 year
2014 - 2015 = 4 years....

Good God longer than i thought. How time flys when your playing WoW.

This Thread now has more hit's then the @WarcraftDevs sticky. :) A Good sign to Blizzard we want this done.

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#69 - 2015/02/04 09:23:00 PM
The refusal to pay Edwin VanCleef and the Stonemasons from when they previously rebuilt Stormwind--and the resulting defiance--doesn't seem to have been quickly forgotten. Tiffin's memory, however, seems to have been.