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#1 - 2015/02/04 06:46:00 PM
So, the 6.1 PTR notes say they are adding a pet (Hogs) for those who won a Hisbrad/Southshore vs Tauren mill battle during the dreadful 10-year anniversary event that took place.

I didn't do the Hilsbrad PvP/BG event more than twice because, well, my faction sucks at PvP and the queues were too long for me at times. Of course, I lost both times, so I decided to put my effort toward the MC portion of the anniversary event. Afterall, my real draw to WoW since MoP has been battle pets, and there were no battle pets being offered as a reward for winning a Hilsbrad battle.

I created a big post detailing why I think it was a bad move for Blizzard to create such a difficult-to-get set of rewards (hidden behind layers of RNG and time) during a celebratory event because it sours a joyous occasion. Personally, the whole event was rather aggravating because I had ran (and wiped constantly to trolls) MC 6 times and did not receive a hatespark pet or weapon enchant. (Keep in mind each run is around 3-5 hours of time commitment depending on your role.)

So, not only did I spend hours and hours "celebrating" WoW's 10th anniversary by wiping and dying simply trying to get a weapon enchant/hatespark pet in MC, but now I get it thrown in my face that I should've spent more time trying to coordinate my ridiculously-lame-at-pvp faction to win a Hilsbrad battle.

TL;DR 6.1 is adding a pet reward with conditions that are now impossible to meet for many individuals. It's my opinion that after-thought rewards aren't that good of an idea; honestly, it feels pretty messed up: not only did I have to spend many hours to fail at getting the tiny hatespark pet during a "celebratory" event--and eventually have to spend 33k to buy it--but now I might have to do the same thing for the Hogs pet, and I didn't even know the reward existed until a month after it's even possible to earn it.

What do you guys think?

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#18 - 2015/02/04 07:08:00 PM
Always take datamined info with a grain of salt.