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#1 - 2015/02/01 08:02:00 PM
Hello, Anglers unite! i am Maládaar from Sylvanas, i was fishing on the 2nd of january and found one whopper of a lunker, but sadly i could not pick it up because of an internal bag error. And thats how that one fish got away.

I would like to suggest that lunkers will be sent to me by the postmaster like the green fish in pandaria. I would like your opinions on this matter as i am interested in how other feel about this, and maybe a change so that we can find those beautyfull blue fish and make it our decision to let them go. This will make fishing even better as the lunkers are getting a little love in 6.1. I would love to see more happen to the fishing proffesion in the future.

Let your voices be heard fellow anglers.

Lots of love.
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#2 - 2015/02/02 11:09:00 AM
The problem with fish is they are very slippery, and they will wriggle their way out right back into water if you give them the chance.
Trying to hold a fish with your left hand while freeing up some space in your bags with the other isn't going to work.

Also, our postmaster just doesn't like litter, he has no problems with live fish.

All joking aside, we've already gathered plenty of feedback about the postmaster's behaviour and mailing skills and we'll make sure devs know about it.