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#1 - 2015/01/28 02:14:00 PM
You probably don't care and players def. wont care. First, I'm a casual player. I don't want to find a guild and do heavy raiding, or do arena or rated battlegrounds. I've been there, done that and I know what it's like. I get overly competitive and it all goes bleh, if you know what I mean. I just wanna log on, play one or two battleground, maybe do raid finder. But lately players running bots in battlegrounds have become a serious problem, at least for me. Takes away the fun. If I want to play against the computer I'd play Diablo 3 or any number of offline games. So I cancelled my account, and just thought I'd post here as well why I did it. I hope that you will start seeing that you will lose money if you don't do anything about this. I can only hope others do the same.
As to reporting bots ingame, it's to much of a hassle. Way to much to write and way to many to report. You end up doing nothing but reporting in the short time a battleground lasts. I would suggest you find a one-klick way of reporting bots. And anyway you only give people a few days ban, not like back in Burning Crusade when you gave prema-bans.

Thanks for the fun I had until bots took over. One day they will become sentient and destroy you all!

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#4 - 2015/01/28 04:32:00 PM
Hello Szazzbob,

We do fight against bots. It's a constant and never ending fight. We do not want this kind of behaviour in the game, because it's not fair for players that follow the rules and it ruins their experience.

Unfortunately this fight is not as easy as it can appear to be. We are always trying to implement in-game measures that will stop those programs from working, but it's a constant push and pull. As I said it's an ongoing battle, and not something we can fix in a day. If there was an easy way to fix it, I assure you there would be no more bots.

We actively investigate those issues, and we definitely take action against players that use that kind of program. When it comes to reporting, we do have a one click system to make it easier for you and for us, since when you use it we receive a report with all the information needed for the investigation. You can read more about it here:

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