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#1 - 2015/01/27 06:59:00 AM
First was the 30min timer between main road event, they have now hotfixed in the 2 shotting Gladiator NPCs almost immediately after the 30min timer starts. Aka, Alliance will no longer be able to camp Horde base, you will get decimated by Gladiators.

Now Alliance is "forced" to "do events" which was the goal of the first hotfix. GG Blizz. GG.

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#34 - 2015/01/27 09:19:00 PM
As you've probably witnessed, on many servers Ashran had digressed into a situation where the two factions were avoiding any confrontation. One faction would complete the outer events while the other faction would kill the faction leader. This isn't ideal, as the Horde and Alliance should be fighting more regularly in Ashran.

Recently, we made changes to the frequency of events and the time between battles in the middle road. After a boss is killed, the center lane will take 30 minutes to reset. We hope this encourages the team that just won the middle lane to venture off into the rest of the zone for a time before the fight begins anew. Furthermore, we hope that faction’s presence in the outer events will encourage the other faction to fight in the center lane a bit more, since winning the events is no longer a given.

We'll continue to consider your constructive Ashran feedback and appreciate those of you providing it.