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#1 - 2015/01/14 02:38:00 PM
Think I'm confused, I saw a blue post on mmo champ talking about story line garrison missions? Are these different from the daily apexis crystal quests? I haven't seen any other quests available...

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#5 - 2015/01/14 10:23:00 PM
01/14/2015 06:38 AMPosted by Prøphesy
Think I'm confused, I saw a blue post on mmo champ talking about story line garrison missions? Are these different from the daily apexis crystal quests? I haven't seen any other quests available...

Garrison campaign quests start to pop up once you hit level 100 and have advanced your Garrison's development to a certain point (not maximized, but you should be in the right place before you reach 100). They are not tied in any way to the Apexis daily quests; those are related to Garrison invasions. Where this might be causing some confusion for a few is when the Garrison campaign quest takes you to the same area as your Apexis daily.

If you meet the criteria for a campaign quest, you'll notice a regular exclamation mark somewhere in your Garrison that wasn't there the day before. The quest will then lead to a handful of follow-up quests which we recommend you complete so you can move on to the next chapter the following week.

01/14/2015 01:43 PMPosted by Arashicage
I did iron siege campaign with gazlowe but I never received another quest. is it bugged?

We're currently investigation an issue a small number of players have reported where they are not receiving one of the Garrison campaigns after completing the previous week's quests. However, without knowing which of the Gazlowe-related quests you've completed, there is a chance you might have stopped short of finishing the whole line of quests that are needed to close out that campaign. If you don't finish the full line of quests for this week, then the next set of campaign quests won't be available next week.

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#16 - 2015/01/15 01:09:00 AM
01/14/2015 02:50 PMPosted by Draenybrit
Why all this intrigue about when and where the first one pops up?

I wasn't too keen about spoiling all the surprises, but if you really want to know, you need to be level 100 and have a tier 2 Garrison. If you have these two things checked off, there is a chance you started a campaign and have yet to complete it.

01/14/2015 02:39 PMPosted by Sunnyshines
If I missed the first one, does that mean I'm out of luck for the whole thing?

No. The first campaign will be available if you meet the initial criteria, and remain available until you accept the first quest. All subsequent campaigns will remain on hold until you complete the full line of quests with that first campaign, and will pop up following Tuesday resets. If you somehow complete the chain on a Tuesday evening, the next campaign won't start until the following week.

01/14/2015 02:54 PMPosted by Omegal
Some people are missing quests too because they aren't realizing some of them actually start from npcs outside of garrison, and if you don't actually explicitly look for them there, you miss them.

To some degree this is correct, but to clarify: All Garrison campaign quest lines begin inside your Garrison's boundaries. More specifically, you will never start a campaign from an NPC or object outside your Garrison's "zone", but there are quests outside in other zones or areas that are associated with the campaign (example, Bladefury's Orders). If on Tuesday you log in and don't immediately see a Garrison Campaign quest on your mini-map, you may need to look in obscure areas within your Garrison to find it.

01/14/2015 03:49 PMPosted by Tyelaya
i havnt received a mission for over a month since completing "iron siegeworks" have just gone back to that area in frostfire ridge and havnt been able to locate anything that i may have missed =(.

Try double-checking the quests listed here on Wowhead to see if you might have skipped one of the final quests to complete this campaign.

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#21 - 2015/01/15 02:19:00 AM
01/14/2015 06:03 PMPosted by Nakotsu
The reason many people arent complaining is because no one knows they are missing campaign quests because they arent popping up each week.

This is the main reason why I've shared some details. Some folks have expressed a bit of confusion about the system, so we talked about this and wanted to provide some clarity. (Yes, we really do discuss player feedback and take it seriously.)

Like I said before, we're aware of an issue with one of the campaigns not registering correctly for a limited number of players and based on very specific criteria. At this time we're investigating the cause and working on ensuring everything is working correctly for everybody. Aside from that, campaigns are pretty straight-forward and by no means have to be completed every single week. You're more than welcome to take your time working through them.

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#49 - 2015/01/15 05:44:00 PM
01/14/2015 07:24 PMPosted by Tyelaya
Hi, ive definitely completed the entire story line for that quest. got the mole machine out the front of my garrison, and double checked the quest listing on wowhead ( thanks for the link) and i dont have any other garrison quests sitting in my quest log either =((

There is a chance you're experiencing the bug we're currently investigating so hang in there for a bit more while we continue to delve into what's going on. If I receive any new information about what's up, I'll be back to post it. =)

01/14/2015 08:04 PMPosted by Fentoozler
Do you have to complete the full bar off to finish the campaign? I completed the quest line for the SMV Burning Legion one in Socrethars Rise, but the bar barely moved, so I didn't bother grinding out 7/8ths of the bar just with kills.

Bashiok posted about this very issue the other day:
01/13/2015 02:30 PMPosted by Bashiok
Checking the campaign locations may reveal an unknowingly skipped step as these campaign chapters also include an "Assault" bar, they can sometimes be mistaken as only being an Assault on the location.

Something to note: Many of these areas have various mechanics and "clickables" that help boost "Assault" progress so don't get discouraged if you kill a few mobs and don't see it move very far.

01/14/2015 11:21 PMPosted by Valestia
Another major problem to note is that the Ring of Blood quests LOSE their "campaign" status in the quest title, after a couple quests.

Indeed, and there is a chance one of our senior designers saw this feedback yesterday. She's currently working on a hotfix that will properly label campaign quests in your quest log as "Garrison Campaign". Thank you for posting this!

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#56 - 2015/01/15 09:04:00 PM
01/15/2015 11:13 AMPosted by Teiya
I seem to have bugged out my very first garrison campaign. As far as I can tell, I got to the "These look familiar" quest, then went off to do other stuff and forgot about it. At some later time, I abandoned the quest along with several other quests, not realizing what it was. And Jr. Surveyor Dorn does not appear to exist any more to allow me to pick it up again.

If you never completed this quest, Jr. Surveyor Dorn should still have it just outside your Garrison gates by the outhouses. If you did complete it and quickly picked up the next quest in the cave, you can zip back up to northern Gorgrond and speak to Hansel Heavyhands.

01/15/2015 12:27 PMPosted by Kisumiwoo
Is this why all my buildings are still lvl 1 ive done tones of quest out in the world an i havnt found one thing to upgrade my buildings yet lol Oh an i just got to 96 if that means anything quested Tones an not able to find upgrade items at all

You can check to see what is needed to upgrade Garrison buildings via the drafting table UI inside your Town Hall. =)

01/15/2015 12:34 PMPosted by Glakner
What about a lvl 100 with a lvl 3 garry, that has received NO QUESTS at all for the ~8 weeks of being 100?

The simple requirements to begin doing campaign quests are level 100 and a tier 2 Garrison so it's likely you started one early on and haven't fully completed it yet. That hotfix is now live so double-check your quest log to see if there is a Campaign quest in there that hasn't been completed. Otherwise, run around your Garrison and see if there is an obscure NPC with a quest available, or scan zone maps to see if you can find a "!" or "?" out in the world.

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#63 - 2015/01/15 10:01:00 PM
01/15/2015 01:27 PMPosted by Beris
I believe I abandoned the mole machine quest at one point, will I be able to re-pick up the quest at one point in the future in my garrison?

You should, but you may need to revisit Hansel Heavyhands or Thaelin Darkanvil to get caught up.

01/15/2015 01:43 PMPosted by Brightbrown
Found the coordinates of the first quest giver... uh, it's about 3300 yards away out in the sea by Darktide Roost.

Interesting . . . I've passed this info on to our teams here to investigate. In the meantime, make sure you're not experiencing some wonky UI/addon error.

01/15/2015 01:45 PMPosted by Arr
I did the Iron Siegeworks and the Sargerei in late Nov/early Dec., and haven't seen anything since. Both final quests, And The Mole You Rode In On, and Forging Ahead are flagged as complete when I run the following with the quest ids for each quest

/script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(35196))

This is also interesting and thank you for posting the info. I passed this along as well.

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#75 - 2015/01/16 12:04:00 AM
@Arr - You're currently on the quest Garrison Campaign: The Ring of Blood; double-check your quest log.

@Ujarak, @Zabrel - Speak to Rokhan to begin Garrison Campaign: Deep Recon

@Gela - You are currently on the quest Garrison Campaign: Deep Recon; double-check your quest log.

All others who are not receiving the next campaign: We're still investigating what's going on, but all of your posts and the information you've shared have been extremely helpful. Thank you!!

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#76 - 2015/01/16 12:07:00 AM
01/15/2015 03:32 PMPosted by Beris
Is there a maximum period that should elapse before I ticket it?

I'd wait until next Tuesday after maintenance/rerolls before seeking further help. =)

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#112 - 2015/01/17 12:13:00 AM
Quick update: I haven't forgotten about you guys! We're still pluggin' away at investigating things for you and as I promised before, as soon as I have more details to share, I will. Hang in there!

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#260 - 2015/01/22 11:34:00 PM
01/21/2015 04:03 PMPosted by Xiata
They *are* trying though. I've never even sent a ticket, only posted here on the forums and a GM has logged into my toon several times so far. It isn't that they aren't trying. I think the issue is the bug isn't happening to everyone - so it's hard to track what's causing it(could be more then 1 'trigger' even).

Folks like you, Xiata, were part of the reason why we've been making progress so thank you for letting us take a peek at your character!

01/22/2015 05:56 AMPosted by Ackalyn
Please blizz fix this!

That's exactly what we're doing and I can now report we have a hotfix that's in the pipe and is designed to address the issue. It looks like some of you have already picked it up, but for those that have not, hang in there until the next scheduled maintenance when it can be fully applied to the game. Why some have been able to move on and others have not, well, that's above my pay grade but as you can see, we're on it. =)

Appreciate everybody's patience!!