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#1 - 2014/12/01 03:31:00 PM
Last week i pushed myself to finish the fishing achievements, so i could get nat pagle follower and my level 3 fishing shack. Whilst fishing i noticed you get these minnows, you throw them in the water and murloc spawns which you can kill for loot.

I've did a few last week, i got a jeweled fishing pole that i was happy with and loads of awesome fish which i gave a stack to about 10 people. Anyway i was doing my fishing daily today in my garrison and i got a minnow so i decided to use it, killed and looted it and to my surprise there in the loot list was:

Riding Turtle

I had no idea it was even among the loot list, or it was even possible to get by other means than tcg/bmah but i'd like to say, thanks a lot.

Hooray for fishing.

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#6 - 2014/12/01 03:44:00 PM
Grats on Pagle first of all! I got my Fishing to lvl 700 and thought that would unlock him... then I read the achievement properly :P But yeah, grats on the pole, and the awesome mount too :D