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#1 - 2014/11/22 12:22:00 PM
There's currently a major bug somewhere (I personally do not know where) that's granting players a +500% haste buff that's allowing groups to complete all 8 challenge modes in insanely ridiculous times, regardless of gear or talent specializations.

Just look at these times (armory is buggy):
Shadowmoon Burial Grounds: 14:02 -- Three tanks, a warlock, and ret paladin. That's 3 minutes and 30 seconds ahead of the timer nearly 20 points below the intended item level for challenge modes.

Here's a few characters: (618 item level) (620 item level)

There are plenty more examples for both times and characters, but I could spend all night finding and linking them.

And if you're questing the bug -- here's a screenshot of the attributes page:

As you can see... +548% haste.

I assume something will be done about this? It takes a lot of fun out of the game when you can simply use an exploit and take what's supposed to be a challenge (no pun intended) and make it easier than a normal mode.

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#11 - 2014/11/22 06:32:00 PM
We’re aware of some abuses and are addressing them. To be clear, anyone who finds external buffs that they can use to their advantage in Challenge Modes are going to at the very least have their times, achievements, and items stripped. It's not something anyone is going to get away with, and just isn't worth trying to.