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#1 - 2014/11/14 01:35:00 AM
I relogged, problem solved. You scare me, Blizz.

Title says it all. Logged in after Turalyon had a heart attack, now I have no level 1 blueprints for garrison buildings, I cannot build any of them.

EDIT: Not even Barracks Level 1

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#2 - 2014/11/20 09:30:00 PM
Glad to hear the problem resolved itself when you relogged.

Just in case though, we've implemented a hotfix to add a Book of Garrison Blueprints to the Garrison Blueprint Vendor for characters with a Level 2 Garrison. Characters that for whatever reason did not automatically learn the Level 1 blueprints during the upgrade into a Level 2 Garrison will be able to purchase this book to learn all the building blueprints they're supposed to have access too.

However, there's a known issue where the book isn't being consumed when learned and the item cannot be sold or destroyed at this time. We're working on another hotfix to correct this issue but wanted to get this hotfix out so affected characters can progress.