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#0 - 2010/02/17 06:44:30 PM
Why are there so many bad DK tanks compared to other tanks? I heal on a few different level 80 toons in random 5's heroics in the Shadowburn battlegroup and finding myself adding more and more DK tanks to my ignore list so I don't have to group with them again. Why? Because they take massive damage spikes and are much much harder to heal than traditional tanks. I don't mind a challenge but when I have to keep spamming on only the tank while the rest of the party needs attention something isn't right.

Is this a problem with them getting some tanking nerf or just bad gearing on the DK's part? I've even had 40k+ health DK's take so much damage so quickly it left my head spinning. Wondering if the new trick to get quick queues is to just stack stam gear and pretend tank?

To be fair there have been a few (very few) good DK tanks that I've healed for, even tanks with low 30k health unbuffed that took reasonable damage while tanking (on par with traditional tanks).

While I don't personally like the DK class this is not meant to be a DK bash thread, trying to find out why I'm running into this and am curious if other healers are finding this as well.

Is there an addon that can inspect a tank and show me they are properly geared for heroics or at least close (defense + avoidance)?

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#13 - 2010/02/18 07:28:58 PM
I am emphatically *not* saying here that there are a lot of bad DK tanks, because heaven knows I'd never live that down. But here are a few things to keep in mind:

1) This is a new class. Not only are players not necessarily familiar with how it plays, but we don't have 5+ years of theorycrafting and experimentation on what works and doesn't. Furthermore, we've had to change DK mechanics over the course of LK so players are hitting a moving target.

2) It's an easy class to level, because of the generous quest rewards and innate class power as well as the obvious starting at high level. There is a lot less barrier to getting to high level with a DK. There are a lot of alts.

3) Some players picked up the class when it was overpowered. We don't think it's overpowered anymore, but some players were probably coasting on overtuned abilities rather than really learning how the mechanics work. I would guess this isn't as big a deal these days because anyone who has been playing a DK through all of LK probably gets the mechanics by now.

4) The shield-using classes have a big benefit on dungeons that they overgear because blocks can strip away almost all damage. Note that this does not translate to content of an appropriate difficulty for your gear. We don't like this mechanic, but until we change block, it's hard to make wimpy mobs hit harder.

5) One of the quirks of Dungeon Finder is that tanks generally have a shorter queue time. This isn't necessarily a terrible thing (though I understand it can be frustrating) because it builds in a little bit of a bonus for more players to try tanking, therefore evening out the queues a little more. The risk is that you get a player who is undergeared or perhaps under-experienced trying to tank a dungeon. It might feel punitive, but in some ways the gear checks for heroics need to be more stringent on tanks (or at least check to see that you have legit tanking gear).