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#1 - 2014/10/14 04:22:00 PM
Call me ignorant, but when I see

-Combat bonuses of professions removed
-Garrisons seemingly replacing the use of professions
-The use of many items narrowed such as glyphs, for example
-Everything based on gold now, which I'm sure will be abundantly available through other sources

Does anybody but me get the sense that professions will matter little to nothing at all anymore? Please do convince me otherwise if I'm missing something here

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#26 - 2014/10/14 04:57:00 PM
Unless you have a huge stockpile, gold is going to be an important asset in Warlords. But, beyond that, professions are still poised as they always have been, as a way to create high end items and special rewards for you and your friends, as well as to sell or trade your masterful experience as goods and services. Beyond items that will help fill itemization gaps as you'll get into raiding, there's the standard cadre of bonus items, toys, mounts, etc. that specific professions can create. There's also a lot of interplay between which professions you have/don't have, and how your building selections in the Garrison will benefit or offset your skills.