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#1 - 2011/01/01 10:21:00 AM
Have any of you guys and gals noticed trends in the types of people that choose certain classes?

It's hard for me to say about myself. I play all of my classes about equally.

However, I've noticed some of the following:

Mage: Many people who tend to play this class primarily are outspoken in nature but do not neglect being humble enough to expect the worst.
Hunter: A lot of people I've noticed using this class primarily tend to enjoy leading and are easily frustrated by changes in plans (i.e. raid times, achievement goals, etc).
Paladin: Many who play Paladins are very eager to try new things and do not fret over failing once in a while.
Warrior: I've noticed that many Warrior players are very quiet.
Rogues: They are typically fun to be around and take stressful situations lightly.
Death Knight: Players who use Death Knights are usually relaxed and willing to work with players in raids that have less experience.
Warlocks: People who focus on Warlocks enjoy team work and are not likely to leave raids over wipes and feuds.
Shaman: Those who play Shaman tend to enjoy challenges and are able to adapts to various situations.
Priests: Those who play priests are somewhat of a mystery to me, still.
Druids: Same as priests.

Of course, these are not intended to definitely label; it is more or less for fun and opinion.

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