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#1 - 2013/07/01 09:04:00 AM
I have been waiting to make this post for many months now. I didn't want to prematurely jump the gun until level 90 was achieved.

You know I have been playing wow since vanilla and honestly this was the hardest expansion to level in. Some of you may go hey wait a second leveling wasn't that hard. Or others might say you are probably just a vanilla burn out who should have quit the game by now. Truth be told I still get quite a bit of enjoyment out of wow. Each expansion comes out I conquer end game, and kill the final villain.

This expansion the leveling is so linear and boring that it was a painful experience. This type of rails on track questing is just not fun at all. It's nice to have diversity and the ability to skip around different areas figuring out what works best for you the player. There were so many instances where I would miss the main quest NPC, and then my progression would come screeching to a halt. Or situations where I had to ride great distances because I couldn't hop over a low mountain.

Which brings me to another point what is the purpose of flying mounts if you don't want to give players the choice of either using them or not using them during the beginning of new expansions. Wow has a huge amount of players who gain enjoyment out of many varying play styles. Some players like to smell the flowers, others like to pvp, and a certain portion of the community likes to rush to end game.

I don't want future wow expansions to keep hemorrhaging players so I am leaving this here in the hopes that maybe JUST maybe someone at blizzard will read it. I am your demographic, I buy every gaming IP you release, and overall I like your products. But when an expansion comes out that causes me to quit three times because of the leveling there is a big problem. Imagine how many other people who felt the same way I did but didn't tough it out and reach cap.

You want players to level lots of characters and get the maximum enjoyment out of your product. I have talked to many friends who had a couple alts in cataclysm who won't even bother leveling anything past their main. Which means those players will get burnt out faster because lets face it no matter how much content is throw at people it will always be consumed much faster then it is produced. So please blizzard in future expansions give players more options not less.

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#13 - 2014/08/31 04:30:00 AM
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