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#0 - 2009/08/29 03:23:34 PM
I've been transmuting an epic gem every day since the patch and got 2 procs of one extra gem so far. This is a bit ridiculous. Yes I know about RNG and all that but I was getting 2-4 eternals every 3-4 days before the patch. I assume the proc chance for epic gems is much lower than for eternals but I think it either needs to be raised slightly or the CD reduced to maybe 8-12 hours. Maybe even remove the CD for eternals but only for transmute masters so I can actually make some money with my prof. As it is now I can make more money farming honor in BG than I can with a profession I specialized in.

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#15 - 2009/08/31 09:45:45 AM
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Thing is if you get lucky with procs you makes heaps of money as transmute mastery.

I got an alchemist to 450 last week and ive been really lucky

1x ametrine
1x dreadstone
2x kings amber
2x ametrine
4x kings amber
4x cardinal ruby
2x cardinal ruby

i love my transmute mastery and i make a ton profit from other transmute too
I've been transmuting one gem every day since the patch, and have had no extras made. So I am glad to know at least someone is getting the luck! I was starting to wonder if it just wasn't possible to proc extras on those gems...