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#1 - 2014/08/10 07:04:00 PM
...these druids?

This is Ashran Warspear, a PvP zone created in the likeness of Alterac Valley, quests and all. These npc's are a nod to the blood collection quest we loved so much in old school WoW.

Horde Tauren Shamans are caring for Lok'Holar, feeding it blood to empower him. On the Alliance side Night Elf Druids are caring for their Forest Lord Ancient. Shamans are in communion with the elements while Druids tend to nature and forest spirits.

It's that difference that implies a deeper story and that immersion is what keeps me playing the game. These established archetypes do inform many other aspects of the game and when Blizzard continues to use the archetypes as a guide we can get some really great things and feel connected to an unbroken story chain.

So yea, a departure of this sort is worth noting and I suspect it's just an oversight. This scene has a shaman theme with totems and runestones. The Druids there could be a placeholder (although the named druid of rank present on the scene implies some care went into the placement, naming and title). (another angle: )

At first I thought this was worth a chuckle to people who play Shaman but as you can see above there is a pretty serious lore mixup if this isn't PH.

(edit: better angles in screenies)

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#8 - 2014/08/14 07:07:00 PM
We'll be changing it :)