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#1 - 2014/08/13 09:32:00 PM
As we start to wrap up major changes to quest flow and zone layouts, we're ready to start taking a harder look at flight paths and work on cleaning them up. To that end, we're putting this thread together to serve as a centralized location to point out flight paths in need of improvement.

Examples of the sort of feedback we're looking for include:
  • Flights that seem to move slowly
  • Flights that make unnecessarily meandering loops or turns
  • Flights that could make more efficient connections
  • Any other weird glitches, stops, etc. that occur while on a flight

When posting feedback on flight paths, please be specific! Here's some important information to include:

Starting point:
Ending point:
Your faction:
Game version (located next to the Play button on the Desktop App):
What you experienced:


Starting point: Warspear
Ending point: Bladespire Fortress
Faction: Horde
Game version:
What I experienced: When passing through my Garrison, the flight seemed to loop a couple extra times before continuing to Bladespire.