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#1 - 2014/08/10 08:11:00 PM
This thread is intended to serve as an index for formal feedback threads on the various dungeons and difficulties, so threads don't get lost and we don't have to deal with a million stickied threads. Please use these threads to provide feedback on your experiences in the dungeons.

Please note the type of group LFG group, guild premade, etc.) and level of experience (casual friends, 14/14H raiders, etc.) when possible.

Tuning/testing notes: Right now dungeon tuning is pretty far from final, as we've been waiting to get mechanics and class numbers dialed in before doing a final tuning pass. Overall, things are mostly too hard. We know.

When giving feedback on Normal mode dungeons in particular, if you're trying to assess and offer an opinion regarding their difficulty, ask yourself how comfortable you would be solo-queuing into a random LFG group of people who might never have done the dungeon before, and still having a relatively smooth run.

Bloodmaul Slag Mines

Iron Docks



Shadowmoon Burial Grounds (100)

Grimrail Depot

The Everbloom

Upper Blackrock Spire