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#1 - 2014/08/04 03:12:00 PM
Isn't it obvious that if you reduce the CC in the game you also need to reduce CC breaks? Don't wait for 6.1 - change these now!

I'd replace Desecrated Ground with a brand new talent as I don't think death knight needs this on top of everything else.

Icebound should have to be used proactively like Tremor (maybe reduce the CD to 2 min to compensate).

Lichborne is fine imo as it has a 2 min CD and doubles as survivability. One problem however is around the time the paladin talent Evil is a Point of View was added, baseline Turn Evil stopped working against LB. If a DK doesn't cancel it a paladin should be able to fear him just as a priest can Shackle.

Sort of related to this thread - Glyph of Stars is dumb in arena. When I play my mage I miss the strong visual indication when a Moonkin shifts in and out of form.

No problems here.

Trading a major defensive like Ice Block to break CC is fine in my book, but I don't like Cold Snap on a 3 min CD. Blocks used to be more meaningful.

I think Nimble Brew is strong enough without the 6 sec lingering CC reduction.

Thirty sec Forbearance should be okay, but I'd change Clemency to reduce hand spell CD's rather than give an extra charge of each.

No problems here.

No problems here.

I love the Tremor nerf. Proactive, baby!

My heart continues to rage at Unbound Will but my mind may be okay with the 2 min cooldown. I don't know.

With the multiple nerfs to fears I could see this going up to 45 sec or even a minute.

I know WotF has already been nerfed to 3 min, but I think this racial would be less disruptive if it worked like orc Hardiness - 10% reduction to fears.

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#7 - 2014/08/04 07:16:00 PM
We've been talking about this a bit ourselves lately. There's two main camps of thinking here.

The first is more or less as Hoflerette describes. As CC effects become more scarce, CC breaks become more powerful. As a result, it's easy to draw a logical conclusion that the CC breaks are now stronger than they were originally intended and should be nerfed.

However, there's also a very reasonable argument to make that nerfing CC breaks actively works against the goal of reducing CC effects in Warlords. Remember, the whole point is to have less CC across the board. If we nerf CC breaks, we're actually increasing CC (at least for the affected classes/races). Not really what we're trying to do.

There are some really good arguments for either case, so for the time being, we're seeing how things feel. We have already made a couple of adjustments to CC breaks (such as Tremor Totem and Will of the Forsaken), and can easily make more if necessary. Specific feedback about trouble cases is helpful.