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#1 - 2014/08/01 05:40:00 PM
Now Blizzard has crossed the line.

Things about to GET REAL.

From Chris Robinson's twitter,

"As we near the end of development, it's become apparent that the new Blood Elf models won't be finished to meet our standards before launch."

I wanted to believe the forum defenders but now I see WoD will be released as an unfinished expansion.

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#35 - 2014/08/01 06:55:00 PM
08/01/2014 10:45 AMPosted by Taurehn
yes but it was expected to be more than one race. Not having half done for the release actually feels better to me than leaving out one.

Yeah I understand that, feeling like the odd one out. But just think about that patch when you do get your updated model. Everyone else's models will be common by then, everyone will have been seeing them every day. But when the new Blood Elf model goes in it's going to be a new thing, and everyone will be focused on you and how fancy you look.

Sounds like the kind of 'fashionably late' style a Blood Elf would appreciate. XD