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#1 - 2014/07/06 09:43:00 PM
This crap is getting really out of hand!

This is for P.U.G.s. I do not care if you're guild or ring of capable friends have done it. I am talking about a mess of totally random players.

Recently I find that more and more people are hopping on the Solo Tank/Heal bandwagon. Everytime I come across someone who just outright takes command and says "Solo!" the rest of the party hops on board, and I sitting here being the only one trying to stop them cause I know they will fail. They think just because it was done they can do it to, no matter how unlikely or how much the whole raid is rigged against that. They overestimate themselves, they lie and make up stories, they fail to properly recognize the team's ability to support this, and most frequently they are forced to fail mechanics that will result in instant death (it doesn't matter if it's one shot or 25, it mean the death happened so fast, nobody could have saved them from.). The last part is even worse cause as a tank you need a cheat death ability that literally stops your death like the death knight's Purgatory passive or the legendary cape's passive. The pug healers I often come across have a serious problem with not acting like a robot, reacting to things, or are too conditioned to do the absolute wrong things weather they are used to being carried by another healer or super tank who gets it, not to mention that obviously they ALL must have the POWER, SMARTS and ENDURANCE to even have a chance at victory, which literally every time I and other players have to suffer through this too many important parts of the team lack something of. Don't think I'm going to totally exclude DPS from this. If they are not powerful enough to end the fight faster than normal or the smarts to beat the mechanics, then the raid fails anyway. Other than that, their lives are entirely in the tanks and healers' hands.

It gets worse.

I do know that there is some truth to this. Yes solo tank/heal has succeeded but all were done by raid members super over geared for the place. like normal SoO, I never heard of a successful solo tank/heal attempt who was not iLvL 570+ with the legendary cape. That means clearly that not everyone can do it. Cleary people have to be over geared for this so that overkill will make up for the lack of important elements, such as another tank to save the other from mechanics. I see 555 and they say "solo" I instantly know they will fail. No legendary cape for either, instant fail, it's just a matter of which damage spiking mechanic will do it, if not the healers/DPS not supporting the tank enough. They pull this in Flex, I know they will not win, not that I don't try, but seriously though the members doing a weaker difficulty are WEAKER. What ironic that all of the time other than Garrosh, they die cause they fail the mechanics or super painful yet easy to evade attacks such as the Blackfuse's Shredder's Death from Above attack in addition to its healing which piled on more shredders (but we didn't get to see the latter cause the tank did not evade Death from Above, and it killed our self-proclaimed "capable" solo tank instantly. . . RL kicked him got 2 tanks, we won). Now I'm growing increasing unable to heal, tank, or DPS these of this stupid !@#$. I'm trying to get my healer ready for SoO normal, but I can't heal a flex tank who don't know what they are doing. My warrior Tank is 556 at the end of SoO, I don't have the legendary cape and I need help tanking Garrosh on phase 1 and 3, but NNOOOOOOOOOOOPE, in pug's want me to solo tank. I refuse, more often than not I get kicked, how am I supposed to enjoy the game much less win When I'm the RL I attempt to appease them by picking a tank more geared than, me spouting the same crap, but low and behold something always goes wrong and the tank+raid is dead. At the same time, as RL with 2 tanks and 2 healers, something still goes wrong. That brings me to my next point soon. As DPS, don't matter how good I am, I feel that we DPS suffer the most from this, cause there is nothing we can do if the healers or tank screw it up for us all. All we can do as DPS is do our part and kill the boss as fast as possible so that we don't get outlasted or hit by another raid killer. It pisses me off that I'm often times the only one speaking out against it either way when all of us are not progressing cause of it.

Worst parts coming soon. . . .

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#76 - 2014/07/29 10:15:00 PM
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