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#1 - 2014/07/28 12:03:00 AM
The previous release beta version had all sorts of Garrison problems, but this one is worse by an order of magnitude at least. I was able to get to lvl 3, had problems with missions for Alchemy and Jewelcrafting (a char copied over), could not do the first mine quest, my lumber mill never was able to finish, and the daily fishing quest was broken at the fishing shack.

In this version, I cannot complete my Alchemy lab (from a lvl 600 alchemist copied over), I cannot upgrade the Garrison and my followers no longer will go on missions.

Tell me how you've made garrisons better. The main reason I'm interested in testing Beta is the Garrison and you've taken a huge stop back in implementing it. And with all the changes you've announced to make garrisons less appealing I'm questioning why bother.

So leaving on a constructive note? You should get people working the problems who can fix them.

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#4 - 2014/07/28 06:17:00 PM
Our intention isn't to create a frustrating gaming experience for you. With that said, this is a beta and things will break - frequently. What we need from you - the tester - is constructive gameplay feedback.

Letting us know your disappointment, while appreciated, isn't going to help us make garrisons or the game better.