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#1 - 2014/07/27 12:31:00 AM
Hey there!

So i was doing some 3vs3 on my alt with an awful dk guy called <moderated>. At any rate, he was so bad that i had to ditch him and my alt is on 2,2k, so thats something. The ragekid got mad and started to ddos me. The funny thing is that i wasnt even rude, so imagine what would the kid try to do if i told him how [email protected]#$ he truly is :)

Anyways, this is just a warning, he will be surely looking for a new dps, stay away from him. Ife he is ddosing for simply getting ditched...he must have some serious mental problems

Blocked his ip, not sure if it will be enough. I could use some tips to protect myself from sad kids like him :)

Wonders of the age of the internet heroes...

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#51 - 2014/07/28 02:10:00 PM
Community forums are at their best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy. Therefore, we ask that you conduct yourself in a civilized manner when participating in these forums. We’re locking this down now.