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#1 - 2014/07/22 11:59:00 AM
Does anyone know (or perhaps Blizz could chime in) what the boss layout is for the raids? I know they are non-linear, but how non-linear? For instance, BWD was 2-3-1. Firelands was first 5 bosses in any order and then Domo, Rag in a linear line.

What about for Highmaul and Foundry? Does Highmaul have the first 7 bosses able to be done in any order (eg, do the Butcher first one night and then 7th the next week)? Same question with foundry.

I assume both final bosses will require clearing all other bosses regardless.

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#5 - 2014/07/23 09:04:00 PM
Highmaul has three completely optional bosses: Brackenspore, Butcher, and Tectus can be skipped if you like (a la Ignis or Razorscale in Ulduar).

Foundry has no optional bosses, but consists of three separate wings that must be cleared to access Blackhand's Crucible (layout is more like Naxxramas).