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#1 - 2014/07/22 09:00:00 AM
Greetings fellow defenders of Azeroth!

I´m Vampiren, and together with my partner in crime, Misshandbag, we are now starting a show on youtube to tell you about the PvP aspect of Warlords of Draenor!

We will show you the new talents, abilities and share our feedback regarding talents, gameplay and many other aspects of PvP.

We will do a weekly roundup with 1 episode on each class, showing off the new bells and whistles,sharing our thoughts on arenas and the new PvP zone, Ashran.

Our first video, introducing our show is now on Youtube, and the next episode will be up at the end of this week.

This show is not for:

High End Pvp

For that, we recommend other channels.

This show is for:

People who just enjoy some ol fashion killin!
People who are looking to try out pvp.
People who are NOT in the beta and want some nice updates on pvp.

So subscribe to our Youtube:

And Twitter:

And join us in the upcoming adventure!

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#2 - 2014/07/22 09:03:00 AM
Cool, very best of luck with the series! :-)