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#1 - 2014/07/21 07:32:00 PM
Please use this thread to share feedback on the Heroic difficulty of The Butcher in Highmaul.

Once the zone is open, Nexus-Lord Donjon Rade (in Stormwind, Orgrimmar, or your garrison) will have a chat option to teleport you into Highmaul. Assemble your group, set the raid difficulty to Heroic, and then use that option to enter. Head to your right (northeast) to find The Butcher.

His model isn't final, and we know that class tuning certainly isn't final either. But this testing represents a first step towards getting there - we'll certainly be revisiting this boss again for another testing pass, so don't worry if you can't make it today or if other difficulties hamper testing.

In your posts, please note your group size and makeup (high-end guild group, PUG, multi-guild team, etc.). Uploading and linking to a log parse at Warcraft Logs, or any similar site that can handle 6.0 logs, would also be quite helpful.

(Thread will be unlocked when testing begins.)

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#36 - 2014/07/21 09:58:00 PM
21/07/2014 22:55Posted by Consecra
Deleting criticizing posts is not going to help Blizzard.

Feel free to post your feedback on our testing process in the general thread about today's scheduled tests. This thread is for actual gameplay feedback on the actual boss mechanics, and off-topic posts will be deleted. Around a dozen groups that I personally saw were able to get meaningful attempts on the boss, and I'm keeping the thread open for any feedback they may have based on that experience. We'll test the boss again in the future, and obviously we're equally disappointed that this first test session didn't go smoothly and allow us to learn more about boss and class mechanics and tuning.

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#83 - 2014/07/22 07:22:00 AM
21/07/2014 23:03Posted by Mcaffee
I am sorry but deleting a few sarcastic comments from people trying to get in on the actual testing is well a new low for Blizz or their mods.

My guild has cancelled our regular raid for testing purposes and been sitting on ventrillo since 2100 server time and yet we are unable to get passed the loading screen or when we do log on get dc'd within seconds.

Now my guild isn't the only one and people are a tad pissed annoyed about this so sarcasm will tend to happen, deleting comments like that is a knee jerk reacting befitting a 5 year old.

No, as Watcher explained, everyone is free to post their feedback about the test in the general thread about the scheduled tests. This thread is only for gameplay feedback on boss mechanics for the Butcher. So yes, it's totally reasonable that off-topic posts will be deleted.

It's especially important that, when the developers themselves are coming here to ask for your feedback on specific topics, the information you provide is relevant.

We fully understand that it's disappointing when you're unable to test something—we feel it too, as we really want your feedback, hence these dedicated threads. However, things won't always work perfectly in beta. Please be patient with us as we work to ensure the next Butcher test goes more smoothly.

To those who did manage to get in and post feedback, thank you :-) We're leaving the thread here for future tests.