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#1 - 2014/07/08 05:15:00 PM
Dear continuous & future Gladiators/R1s,

Who here remembers the white unique S12 cloud serpent?
Who here thinks that s14 & s15 serpents look terrible?
Who here actually cares how the S15 mount looks?
Who here wants a unique serpent for the FINAL season of MoP? If so what color?

I myself loved the S12 serpent because the skin color wasn't being used by the rep cloud serpents.
I myself own S13/S14 serpent. I understand that blizzard doesn't care too much for PvP, but can we please get a unique cloud serpent? Maybe even make this one a heavenly serpent? Thoughts?

(slapping armor to current serpents...)

Here is a link for the Prideful Gladiator's Cloud Serpent

EDIT: Like my post !
Kirbster OUT!

I found this link from S12, this would have been a better tyrannical imo
but wtb a blue (sha-ish) cloud serpent

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#242 - 2014/07/14 01:15:00 AM
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