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#1 - 2014/06/30 07:43:00 AM
This is more than a bit pre-emptive but I expect that sooner or later people will start messing around in here.

We went in tonight just to see what was going on, with between 9-11 people in for any particular encounter, all players using their mains from guild, so average ilvl was probably 580-582 ballpark, 14/14H experienced.

I think the main thing we noticed on a whole was that our kill times seemed to be in the general neighborhood of how long they currently take to do on live. Again, went in with no expectations except initially thinking that it might stray closer to normal on live (in general) than heroic.

As a whole everything actually was working fairly well - a couple of abilities did do a surprising amount of damage (slime impacts on Dark Sham comes to mind, so does *maybe* the pulsing aura on malkorok). The only major bugs observed were:

    There seems to be a way to keep adrenaline buff from Blackfuse trash permanently (as long as you didn't die/do something that clears all debuffed (i.e. ice block)). It only happened to two of our raiders, and I think both times it was accidental (perhaps it relates to the bug on live where if you enter a pbaoe the same moment it fades(?) that you gain the debuff and never trigger the removal condition? this can happen uncommonly with desecrates on live right now)

    It seems as though garrosh's annihilate targeting in no way correlates to the actual damage zone - we ultimately had to trigger the annihilate phase and then stand at 55 yards and heal through it since, at least in crane temple, it was impossible to tell *where* he was attacking.

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#10 - 2014/07/04 01:25:00 AM
Making this a bit less unofficial.

Siege of Orgrimmar should be testable, including Mythic difficulty, and should be open throughout the Beta period. I'm definitely interested in hearing feedback about all difficulties. Please specify your group experience, which difficulty you did, and overall impressions like the above.

Abilities that felt wildly untuned or bugged are particularly worth noting.

In general, we're erring on the side of converted SoO feeling a bit easier than it does in 5.4. (That's part of why the Feats of Strength for clearing Siege will stop being available in 6.0, instead of when Draenor unlocks.)