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#1 - 2014/06/22 08:31:00 PM
Yo, I'm looking to run any comp, preferably god comp though. I'm especially looking for healers. I've been 2450 earlier this season but tanked a bunch playing with friends. If anyone wants to help me get my cr back up, I'll appreciate it. Also, I play pretty frequently so if you have a lot of free time, that's a big plus. Also would prefer if you were 2300.+

  • Mostly looking for good rdruids

  • Leave btags below.

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    #80 - 2014/07/03 10:50:00 PM

    It is really best if the thread remains active by having an active and relevant discussion take place in it, the occasional bump isn’t usually going to get a thread locked but those that occur multiple times in a day tend to be excessive.

    A Bump doesn't require someone, or several someones, to post the word "Bump" nor is relevant discussion random bits of disjointed conversation.

    We're going to lock this one up but please keep this in mind for future threads.