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#1 - 2014/07/03 07:18:00 AM
Tier 16 - Siege of Orgrimmar
Wing I. - Vale of Eternal Sorrows

General advice
  • Prepare your Demonic Gateway, but be prepared for it to randomly despawn.
  • Destruction

  • [...]Affliction
  • Ignore adds, do your 1 million + opener and the boss should melt. Trying to compete for add DPS is a waste of time.
  • If you are struggling on the adds: Soul Burn: Seed of Corruption, Seed of Corruption, Mannoroth's Fury, Soulburn: Soul Swap, Inhale (asap), and continue to spread.
  • Be wary of using Glyph of Curse of Exhaustion, the 10 second CD might cause problems when there are multiple mobs to slow.
  • Demonology
  • Spec into Mannoroth's Fury, and Grimoire of Supremacy for the Abyssal impact damage, and use this while in metamorphosis with procs active when the adds spawn in the opener.

    General advice
  • Be vigilant with defensive cooldowns - when damage comes, it often comes as a huge burst in this fight.
  • Be prepared to soak, and be mindful of who you are passing it on to.
  • Depending on how fast your group kills this, the imp may be better due to frequent targetswitching.
  • Destruction
  • [...]Affliction
  • Spec into Archimonde's Darkness, and utilize Soul Swap on the opener dots for max dps, refer to video #1 for a guide on how to achieve this.
  • Demonology
  • Spec into Mannoroth's Fury, and line it up with your cooldowns for max dps. If you trigger every transition at once and this misaligns with your cooldown cycle, use it at the moment with the most adds present instead.

    General advice
  • Spec into Dark Regeneration, and glyph Healthstone. Things can turn ugly and result in a huge burst of incoming damage.
  • Destruction
  • [...]Affliction
  • Spec into Archimonde's Darkness, and place the Demonic Circle 15 yards to either your left or right from your groups stack point.
  • Spec into Burning Rush; prior to entering the first orb, soul swap: inhale your dots and then IMMEDIATELY after enter the orb, and exhale them on the Manifestation of Corruption (big add), while moving towards the most distant Essence of Corruption (small add). With luck, you can utilize the same dots for killing all the adds, then exhale the very same dots you placed on the boss before you left back onto him again.
  • Demonology
  • Demonology tactics change depending on strat; if you send people down in pairs of 2 at each orb, then go with Archimonde's Darkness. If 4 or more for each orb, go with Mannoroth's Fury instead.

    General advice
  • Utilize Demonic Gateways to set up a quick route to the tanks side.
  • Set up your Demonic Circle on the prison quadrant you're assigned to, such that whenever someone is prisoned, you click one button to land on one field.Destruction
  • This is subject to your guilds strategy: if the Reflections die fast, don't spec into Glyph of Havoc. If they don't die fast, use it to cleave as many shadowburns as you can onto the Sha of Pride.
  • Affliction
  • [...]Demonology
  • Spec into Archimonde's Darkness; don't concider the Reflections an outlet for AoE dps, use them for fury generation with Hand of Gul'dan that you instead expend on the Sha of Pride.
  • Use Demonic Leap for quickly getting to Rifts of Corruption.

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    Nice work Alarinth!