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#1 - 2010/11/17 11:30:00 PM
Blizzard, thank you for Cataclysm. A lot of cool beasts is finally becoming tamable while you're adding in a lot of new pets. You have also forgone the crippling idea every pet family's ability effect must be unique, opening the difficulty of just coming up with a viable ability all the easier. Being Human, i won't be satisfied till beast family is tamable.

To that end I've made a big list of Beats that are still untamable, along with some suggestions on what to do with them.

BIG List of un-tamable beats. Along with some ability suggestions.

Hydra- "Three pronged frenzy"- the Hydra's heads unleash a three pronged attack dealing x amount of damage.

Kodo- i have no idea why Kodos weren't added into the Rhino family in the first place. Kodos= Rhino back in my day.

Clefthoof -merged into rhino family like Kodo

Fen-walker- "Lighting tether"- Shoots a constant stream of lightning at the opponent for for 10 seconds and slowing movement speed by 25%. One opponent- Four times as much as Lightning breath.

Diemetradon-Merged into crocolisk family

Thunder lizard- "Lizard Bolt" Shocks up to three targets with nature damage. (Twice as much as Lighting breath). But a 30-40 second cooldown. These would also include the "stegodons".

Petrodox- "Terrifying screech"- a primal Scream that causes the enemy to run in fear for up to 3 seconds.

Baslisks-merged into crocolisk family

Flayers- There are plenty of Flayers that actually count as beasts for some reason

Ungulate- that's the big science word for the "hoofed animal", help with the name wanted. This family will include all Caribu, stags, talbulk, Giraffe, Ram, Zhevra, Mule, Shovel Tusk and horses. "Trample"- Tramples the enemy, knocking them down for two seconds and dealing x amount of damage.

Protodrake- Actually many count as beasts. They’re also (As one could imagine) the primordial dragons from which the Titans would shape the dragon flights. If we can tame gods we can tame proto-drakes and it would get people to shut up about dragon.

Sprite darter- Serenity Dust.

Wyvern- "Slowing sting"- Does x amount of nature damage and slows attacker's attack speed by 50% for ten seconds.

Hipogryph- -"Wind pummel"- Pummels the enemy with gusts of wind- dealing x nature knocking the enemy down for 3 sec.

Griffon- -"Wind pummel"- Pummels the enemy with gusts of wind- dealing x natureknocking the enemy down for 3 seconds.(i decided to combine the two to save abilities for other families. Suggestions welcome. )

Hawkstrider- Merged into tallstrider family

Mana Worm- Nether Shock

Elephant-Mammoth/Elekk both go under here- -"Crush"- crushes the enemy underfoot, lowering random stat by 10%. 30 second cooldown.

Maggots/Borrow worms- Merged into worm family



and others I'm sure others I've skipped over. What all these need is their own move which i can't think of at the moment. I'm also not attached to the abilities i made up on the spot so feel free to suggest something. IF someone want to sort them into talent trees that would be great.

I won't name Sharks, Whales, Frenzies or Thrashers because of their impracticality on land.
Aspect Dragons aren't on the list because they are sentient and probably smarter than the one taming them.

Anyway, if you love pets. Which from how much our stables been expanded, you do. Then show your support.

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