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#1 - 2014/06/25 06:28:00 PM
Hate casuals. Ruin everything. Can't even play my favorite game anymore without some casual(or group of) just ruining my experience. They're too stubborn and hardheaded, they refuse to listen, they make no sense, they argue wrong points, and they don't even care to learn about their own class or anything to better themselves. Yet they sit there when we try to tell them what is right, and they deny it like we're friggin stupid. We all started out as dim-witted as casuals. But we've grown, those who want to grow I can tolerate, I like to lend a open hand and help. The only problem I have is they make up the majority of the game, whereas hardcore players tend to have to deal with whatever casuals want. So, you're telling me that casuals decide what's to be done, where hardcore players just sit in the backseat? We kill things first, were the headline of the game, the frontier or raiding, the gladiators who battle off at BlizzCon, were who makes this game world-wide known. Method, Blood Legion, Midwinter, WWE, all driven by some random hunter doing LFR... makes NO sense to me. Sick and tired of it. Why don't you "cater" to the hardcore players, eh? Maybe make us happy.
I would hate to see this downhill spiral worsen. I've played since day 1. When this game wasn't a place for any snot nosed casuals. Or anything less than someone who wanted to be the best. This game still grew and prospered. In TBC, when things were a little more open to casual play, still grew. WoTLK, casual playground. Yeah the game grew, but it seemed to be going in the wrong direction twords homogenization and normalization (almost the same thing) since then. PLEASE no.. I'm not calling for a "return to the better days" because anybody in vanilla who actually played knew how relentless and tiresome the grinds were, and never want to see that again.
I guess you would lose casual subscriptions if things were changed.. wouldn't be a good thing. So what do we do as hardcore players?

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#29 - 2014/06/25 06:42:00 PM
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