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#1 - 2014/06/19 09:00:00 PM
New World of Warcraft Short Story: The Jade Hunters

Fenella Darkvire is an architect skilled in the art of golem-assisted mining. She’s also a Dark Iron dwarf, and a living legacy of her clan’s treachery, but she’s finally earned a chance to prove herself.

Moira, Queen-Regent of the Dark Iron clan, has selected Fenella to lead a varied band of masons on a “diplomatic endeavor.” Their mission: travel to far-off Pandaria, and rebuild a landmark of great mystical import. It should be a simple assignment for a rock-worker of Fenella’s caliber – except for her “team.”

Carrick, a gruff Wildhammer blacksmith with an affinity for the elements, and Fendrig, a legendary Bronzebeard miner nicknamed the “Hand of Khaz,” don’t exactly get along with each other, and they like working for a Dark Iron even less. Fenella’s motley crew is a powder keg… and it just might ignite when they’re forced to take part in an ancient pandaren competition: the Great Jade Hunt.

Can they unearth their quarry among the hazardous mines of the Jade Forest, or will the ages-old animosity of the dwarven clans bury them?

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