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#1 - 2014/06/13 10:25:00 PM
Just read that Scare Beast will be removed to "prune abilities" .

What's the reasoning behind that? I've had scare beast keybinded on my bar for well over 7 years now. It's my number one go to ability for druids, nothing makes me more happier than throwing a fear on a druid, and most of the time the druid has no idea why they got feared haha.

I for one, wish it would stay. Now I am going to have another empty icon along with the other 4-5 empty icons on my action bar lol.

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#5 - 2014/06/16 06:45:00 PM
One of our primary goals for ability pruning is to clean out things you rarely use, but still want to have keybound. Scare Beast, Hibernate, etc are perfect examples of those sorts of abilities. They're rarely (if ever) used in PvE, and only really usable in extremely niche cases in PvP. But you still want it sitting on your action bar, and filling out one of your keybinds, for those rare occasions in which you actually do want to use it.

It's important to remember that the point of ability pruning isn't to just get rid of spells for the sake of getting rid of spells. We want to free up action bar and keybind space. If we remove something that's kind of cool, but you wouldn't have bound (or maybe not even on your action bar), then all we've really done is removed something that's kind of cool. There is some value in clearing up extraneous stuff in the spellbook, but we don't want to remove anything fun to achieve that. Eagle Eye doesn't take up keybind or even action bar space for the vast majority of players, but it's still fun to use, even if you're just clicking on the icon in your spellbook to cast it.