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#1 - 2014/06/09 09:31:00 PM
One of the funnest parts of the game for me is doing achievements and trying to beat other guild members on the guild ranking.

This has forced me to play the paladin all the time for years and made me sick of it.

I want to play other classes but hate to lose my guild rank, because there really is no turning back once I do this. My guild achievement rank will fall a lot over time since achievements on that scale are only given to the char that gets them.

I guess for starters, I will just avoid looking at the guild achievement ranks for members :(

Any other suggestions?

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#5 - 2014/06/09 09:46:00 PM
Your dedication should be commended, that's for sure! Maybe all you really need to do is focus on what motivates you, and use that as a catalyst to move forward. =) Besides, many achievements carry over to your alts so catching up shouldn't be too difficult.