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#1 - 2014/06/02 12:05:00 AM
Quick question.

So I have a 14800 conquest cap. Let's say I play 20 or so games and have like 12000 left on the cap. On tuesday, will that reset to 1800? Or will the 1800 add on to the cap I had before?

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#21 - 2014/06/02 10:04:00 PM
06/02/2014 05:03 AMPosted by Ayani
The formula is (weeks in the season - 1) * 1000 + 1800 (arena cap) - conquest earned this season

So to use your example, your cap is 14800 now because it's the 14th week of the season and you haven't earned any conquest yet.

Let's say you win 20 games (3600 conquest) before the weekly reset. Your cap on Tuesday is going to be

14 * 1000 + 1800 - 3600 = 12200

Ayani is mostly correct. One tiny correction to the order things are calculated, for those who might be interested in the math:

((Weeks in the season - 1) * 1000) - Conquest earned this season = catch up cap
Catch up cap + Arena/RBG cap (based on rating) = total amount of Conquest you can earn this week

Also: the catch up cap doesn't "reset" if you don't work through it all in one week. Feel free to chip away at it when you have time :)

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#25 - 2014/06/02 10:30:00 PM
06/02/2014 03:10 PMPosted by Fröstitute
Real quick before you run off lore, the debate was whether you continue gaining the catch up cap if you "chip into it" as you put it :P.

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: The catch-up cap is re-calculated from scratch on a weekly basis. It's not that you're earning an extra 1000 points of catch-up cap every week, it's that you're being awarded an amount based on how many weeks the season has been running. It's a minor difference in approach but an important one, as it means there isn't anything to "lose" (or "not gain") to begin with.

To put it another way: every week, you will have 1000 Conquest points for every week (except the first) added to your cap, minus the total number of Conquest points you've earned for the season. If it's week 14 and you've earned 3000 Conquest points already this season, you'll have 10,000 added to your weekly cap. That's done regardless of when you earned those 3000 points.

Hope that helps clarify :)