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#1 - 2014/06/02 02:37:00 PM
These awesome and elite PVP players had to Cheat a 2100 team in TP to win at the last second by abusing [potential exploit content removed]. It is this blatant and utter distatesful crap that has ruined RBGs. They eve DDossed me as I was CBing ther FCing.

I really hope you all get banned,

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#165 - 2014/06/02 07:32:00 PM
Hi all,

Please note that the forums are not the appropriate place to report or discuss possible exploits, hacks, cheats, or otherwise unfair gameplay. Our Game Masters review all reports submitted in-game via the Right-Click > Report for Cheating tool, and our Hacks team reviews proactively as well as through reports submitted to If you feel you have evidence or have located a potential exploit/cheat program, please report them to the proper parties so that we can investigate further. The Forum Moderation team is unable to assist with in-game or development/design issues to fix potential cheats.

Per our Forum Code of Conduct:

Posting Cheats, Hacks, Trojan Horses or Malicious Programs

This category includes:

  • Posting links to cheats, hacks, or malicious viruses / programs
  • If you would like to report information regarding cheats or hacks to Blizzard, send it to Do not post it to the forums.

If a player is found to have participated in such actions, he/she will:

  • Be permanently banned from the forums

At this time, the thread is going to come to a close for discussing potential exploits. Thank you for your contributions in keeping World of Warcraft a safe and fair competitive environment.