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#1 - 2014/05/30 02:23:00 PM

Hello and welcome to my Balance druid guide for the patch 5.4.7, my name is Navra. I have played balance quite a lot this season and would like to share some of my knowledge. I am no gladiator boomkin but I know the Balance class very well and with a lack of guides currently I thought this might help some of you new moonkin's. Enjoy! :)
I will be updating this guide as future patch's come around and changes occur that could change the guide :)
Note: I have recently started playing resto, so do not copy any of my gear since it will be for resto!

Stat Priority

With the new 550 prideful gear, it allows us to access new breakpoints and so our stat priority changes. Note you should not try to follow this stat priority until you have got a significant amount of prideful gear. You should aim to get around 10 300 haste, this is the best haste breakpoint for us this season due to the increase in haste.

After achieving this haste breakpoint you should stack crit, the majority of our burst damage comes from Starsurge procs. We get Starsurge procs from an ability called Shooting Stars which means we have a 30% chance from dot crits to obtain an instant cast Starsurge procs. The more crit you have, the more likely your dots are to crit and so more likely to get a shooting stars proc, also with crit your actual Starsurge can crit for 100k+ compared to the 60-70k non crit. Mastery is good for us but with the amount of interrupts in the game currently, its not likely you can sit there casting Starfire.

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#18 - 2014/06/02 11:21:00 AM
Great guide Navra!