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#1 - 2011/02/22 02:20:00 AM
I've never seen such an imbalanced terrain in any battleground. Specifically in BFG, horde have a GIANT, GIANT disadvantage. I am not exaggerating, I am not trolling, I'm dead serious. The terrain is extremely skewed into the favor of the alliance.

Let's take a look at the map:

From a new person's respective, it looks like a pretty complicated battleground. Once you get used to it, it's not all that complicated. There are 4~ paths to and from the mine, 3 path to and from the light house. Sounds like a slight imbalance, but that's not what I'm getting at. The 4th path is waterworks to mine, it's long and was implemented for an achievement. It's not worth our time.

Now, here's where the messed up part is:

The Alliance have a MUCH shorter, and uninterrupted path to the Waterworks. The horde have two slight terrain interruptions on the way to the Waterworks. One path being uninterrupted, but extremely longer. The Alliance have two, extremely short, uninterrupted paths. The Alliance have platforms on the river to get them across easier, the horde have nothing. The horde have to have water walking or path of frost to get past the second interruption.

Here is the map showing what is what:

Red path being the Horde main path.
Orange path is the secondary Horde Path.
Black lines are the terrain interruptions.
Blue path is Alliance main path.
Teal path is Alliance "secondary" path.

The first black line is a gate that Horde must go around or spend some time jumping to get across.

The second black line is a river that has no platforms, horde must cross this with water walking, any damage taken will slow them down.

Now this is where problems come in. Smart Alliance teams will completely abuse this.

What the alliance can do is get to the second horde interruption before the horde does, and completely abuse this. They can Ring of Frost on the river, blow off their water walking abilities, completely peel them off while the other team goes in for the cap of water works.

Here is the way it would work:

It is completely ridiculous. The horde can have 2 paladins with crusader aura and aura mastery, and they still would not get there in time to stop the interception.

The only hope I have in rated battlegrounds against teams that are 1500+ is to assault Light House instead of water works.

Twin Peaks are also completely ridiculous, but I'm not getting into that. BFG is worse.

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#72 - 2014/05/24 01:43:00 AM
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