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#1 - 2011/09/06 12:30:00 AM
With 4.3 and Transmog allowing players to customize there appearance...

Are there any plans to allow Mages/Warlocks to choose a new NPC model for their static pets?

As a Mage, I'd love to have the option of commanding a...

Bound Water Elemental
Ice Revenant

I'm sure Warlocks would LOVE replacing their 7 year old Blueberry with...

Armored Voidwalker

Minor Glyph? Trainer Interface/Quest?

If this is too much trouble...can you at least reduce the my Water Elementals size by about 30% and remove the unnecessarily loud idle loop? Pretty please?

Yes, I know the idle loop can be removed manually and I have already done so...but it shouldn't be necessary. =/

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#13 - 2014/05/23 05:54:00 PM
Please be mindful of a thread's age before replying to it in the future. If you have a similar question or feedback, please feel free to open a new thread. Thanks!