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#1 - 2014/05/22 01:08:00 AM
Did some RBG's today, and kept coming up against people using some sort of lag macro for speed capping, in 2 different AB's the enemy managed to cap BS before we even got to the bridge, we had no idea how 1 person manged to get to BS before we was anywhere near it, not even his/her own team? then next RBG it happened again :@, we decided to call and and while I was watching RBG streamers, it happened to them! obviously no-one that uses it will stream it but people have fallen victim to it while streaming.
The streamers, other viewers, seem to be aware of the bug but dont think blizzard can do anything about it? but surely they must or risk ruining RBG's as its only time till it goes even more public and everyone uses it.
Has anyone else witnessed this or know if blizzard will do anything about it(as people i've talked to said its already become pretty popular/public as it can be used anywhere)?

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#13 - 2014/05/23 03:36:00 PM
Thank you for the information, Elitelock. In future though, please be sure to send information like this to instead of posting it on the forums. Thanks again :-)

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