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#1 - 2014/05/19 04:05:00 PM
Our topic was just about capped again.

To those that would like to catch up, the original topic can be found here

To Fly or Not to Fly 1 -

To Fly or Not to Fly 2 -

To Fly or Not to Fly 3 -

To Fly or Not to Fly 4 -

To Fly or Not to Fly 5 -

Please let's try to keep the conversation going in a civil way! We are doing a GREAT job of this so far, let's keep it up!

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#7 - 2014/05/19 09:04:00 PM
Greetings, please keep in mind that posts which have similar content to other threads which have been shared in the forums repeatedly may be locked or removed. With that said, we apologize if the info you previously posted was not shared already and if the post was locked when it didn't need to be. I have unlocked this thread so the conversation can continue here. :)