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#0 - 2009/09/10 02:22:24 PM
All credits goes too: Lissanna from the US server Elune.

Restoration Druid PvE healing in 4.0.1

More readable version can be found at:

How to heal as a restoration druid in Cataclysm.

Note: This guide is still under construction. This is a pre-release draft version, and will change prior to patch day. Also, the advice here only applies to level 80. It will be updated again for level 85 information in the weeks following Cata’s release. This is also designed to be an intro to PvE healing aimed so that beginners can understand and find something useful in the guide, since it will be posted on the regular WoW forums to replace my 3.3 guide, in addition to being available on the blog.

Table of contents (Click on links to view pages!):

1. Healing part 1: Description of Healing spells
2. Healing part 2: Mastery, tree form, and other spells
3. Healing part 3: Tank and raid healing advice
4. Resto: Talents
5. Resto: Glyphs
6. Resto: Stats and Gearing
7. Consumables, Gems, and Enchants
*8.0 Healing Addons:
*8.1 Additional Addons:
*9.0 Macro’s:

*added by swiftmend.

Other Helpful resources:

Other Bloggers have some neat stuff that they have:

TBJ’s resto guide has: Basics for 4.0.1 healing with talents, abilities, gems, glyphs, enchants, reforging & basic strategies.

R4HT’s resto guide has: Glyph, spec, spells & Some hard-mode ICC healing advice for patch 4.0.1

Resto dude’s guide: spells, talents, glyphs, addons, etc

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#18 - 2009/09/22 01:04:39 PM
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