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#1 - 2014/05/12 01:28:00 PM
and it's been fun and sometimes it's been real fun, but time for me to go. My sub runs out in 2 days and i'm not resubbing. I considered playing until WoD launches and ruins the game, but I've decided not to keep giving blizzard money anymore. I'll cancel tomorrow so I can fill out an actual cancel form and check mark their survey.

I'm leaving because reasons.

Oh, guess Blizzard would like to know the reasons for their database of such things.

The main reason is the direction blizzard is going with selling things. Blizzard selling max level characters with better gear and flying and bags than leveling players while not attempting to improve the leveling experience is something I've never agreed with and can only see blizzard selling out more and more with the path they are taking. The main thing I loved about this game is everyone starts out the same and everyone who hit level cap all got there by putting in the time. Gear, achievements, mounts, whatever, everyone had to play the game to get it. Even RaF you still had to play the game. I never minded someone getting there faster, they still had to get there and RaF never awarded instant anything.

This concept of swiping a credit card for instant gear and useful in-game stuff (bags, flying, max level, max professions) is why I stayed away from f2p games. It's why I stayed away from D3. I knew that every cap level character I saw played the game to get there. That everyone with 280% flying made the gold to get it. That everyone in 480+ gear either ran LFR or TI, or scenarios and upgraded to get it. That skill or time is how everyone attained the things or achievements they have.

Second reason; dumbing down LFR and treating non-raiders like second class citizens. I know PvPers complain about not getting the love as well. If you don't raid 'seriously' they don't care about you even though most players don't raid seriously. LFR was the perfect thing to keep me in the game, I loved it allowed me to finally raid without jumping through hoops to find the right guild willing to help train me. WoD is nerfing LFR and pretending more loot drops is all we need to be placated. I never asked for anything to be nerfed. If something is a challenge to me, i'll either defeat that challenge or never defeat it. The victory rush of meeting a challenge and overcoming it is a great feeling and I don't want anyone patronizingly patting me on the head by giving me more rewards for besting nerfed content. Nerf LFR fine, but don't add insult to injury by doubling loot drops. Causal player doesn't mean give me handouts.

The rest of my reasons are all WoD as well.

Mandatory Garrisons, I didn't sign up to play simcity. Oh yes, I don't 'have' to build a garrison, but my leveling will be restricted to BGs or dungeons. Some choice.

Revamping yet more dungeons where yet more stuff will be removed and more quests scrapped. Blackrock is the last remaining epic dungeon crawl. I shudder at the idea of how it will be nerfed, split into small sections, maybe parts closed off forever to make it a simplistic LFG dungeon experience. Blizzard freaking closed the kobold mine in Northshire with a gate. (I'm stil annoyed by that. No more treasure chest) If they can do that because they think it's 'too hard', blackrock changes doesn't bode well.

Solo scenarios. I can't express how much I hate these. I want to do things with people, or at least see other people around. If in a dungeon of current content, there are other people there. If out questing, there are other people there. I like that. WoD is bringing about more solo scenarios and I have absolutely no interest in them. I didn't open Isle of thunder quests until 5 months after it was out because of solo scenarios.

I know some will tell me I'm making a mountain about a molehill and will want me to wait and see. But I've been playing for 5 years and ever since Cata I've grown more and more disappointed in the game. Yes there have been good changes to gameplay, but the story since cata and nerfing leveling content and not making heroic dungeons in MoP to scale as gear scaled up has bugged me. I don't want TI style gameplay. If that is how vanilla was with the vast amount of griefing because some can parkour better than others, I'm not interested.

To those staying, have fun. I'm out to find other things to do with my free time. (Like remodel the kitchen.) And no, you can't have my stuff, I've already sold most everything and given all my gold away.

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