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#1 - 2014/05/08 01:08:00 PM

Yesterday, we were playing at 2150-2200 RBG. It was the first time for me, I always played arenas in earlier seasons and this season I was getting serious about RBGs.

I was excited to see how 2.2k teams are doing. The first thing I noticed, is that most people use the famous interrupt bot.

So this is how it goes: First game, 2190 cr team against us. I try to cast a cyclone, and get CSed 0.1 seconds later by the mage. The funny thing is, he is on my focus and he's icelancing our DK while doing this.
I say "ok maybe its just that he's good". I try to get a regrowth off with SotF proc. My cast gets INSTANTLY interrupted by the shadow priest. I mean, I didn't even get to see my own cast bar, which is huge and in the middle of my screen.
Mage keeps CSing me at 0.1 second so I decide to hide behind a tree and heal from there. My team asks me to cyclone the monk, I have SotF proc, I leave the tree, start the cast and BAM, instantly CSed.

Well, we lose, not solely because of this of course, I still did well in healing.

Next game, different team with same setup. 2217 cr. Mage, SP and warlock instantly interrupts everything. I try to test it with other spells, like hibernate on hunter pet. Instantly interrupted in 0.1 seconds in.
DK and warrior chasing me around, I cant get away. I have a SotF proc so I say "ok lets fake cast and then clone one of them". I start casting cyclone, BAM- 0.1 seconds and mindfreeze. I pop bear form, kite around, next cyclone, instant pummel before I get to see the cast bar myself.

And no, I'm not lagging. I have a very stable connection and play with 50-60 ms even during the prime time.

This kept happening until we lost 50 points and dropped back to 2.1k


I know nothing will be done about it. I know Blizzard doesn't care and I know all I will get here is "l2pnoob" comments by level 1 alts.
I just wanted to share it somehow.

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