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#1 - 2014/05/03 05:21:00 PM
I've done exactly one pvp pet battle ever, and I lost in about 3 seconds. It was traumatizing. My guildmates have told me that pvp is only for "serious pet battlers," but I've been building up my menagerie and am going to give it another try. Any tips? And any etiquette I should know?

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#32 - 2014/05/09 10:05:00 PM
Locking this down to stop a bit of confusion that seems to be re-occurring. Posting about moderated posts is against our Code of Conduct, which can lead to that post being removed as well. Calling players out in forums is also against our Code of Conduct as well.

It is not against policy for reporting a pet name, you can do that through a ticket either in-game or here:

This topic was de-railed a bit, so if you all would like to continue the original discussion, please do so in a new thread.

Thank you.