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#1 - 2014/05/05 05:14:00 PM
I had posted this in some thread in the thousands of other flying discussion thread and blew my own mind how, in theory, it would be quite easy to fix this no flying dilemma.

In my opinion, I would prefer flying, mainly because I love all the flying mounts and I love the scenary flying high above. I'm also very use to using flying to collect materials in the open world, especially in hard to reach places, whether it be herbs or extremely large archaeology areas. However... I wouldn't cancel my sub if WoD went to strictly ground mounts.

So, without further ado, 3 pretty simple solutions that I really wanted to share in hopes of perserving the flying aspect in WoD based on my opintion and countless other discussions with guildies and other players. Whether these have been brought to light, I don't really care, it's another opinion that I really need to get off my chest.

1. Make flying at level cap or a future patch. I'll admit, I don't speak for everyone, but 90% of my questing is done leveling up. At level cap, I may dwelve into quests for something to do, but it's rare. By not allowing flying till level cap, your effectively doing what you want by forcing questers through content, HOWEVER.... a major portion of players stop questing once they hit the level cap. WIth no flying, level capped toons who don't quest end game will not be used to ground mounting it for resource gatherings, etc... or whatever they do end game.

2. (My preferred solution); Allow flying but force the content to make you dismount (whether indoors or forced debuffs i.e. Timless Isle). In the recent Blizzard post they gave the reasoning of flying over content to assasinate your target then flying away. In response, have mages, NPC's or anti-aircraft weapons shoot you down if you try to fly to your target. Or, put the target or content inside a building, or even better, create a debuff that says "Local evil warlocks have the air poisoned preventing you from mounting" or something similar.

3. Allow flying again and just realize that if the content is great and extremely entertaining, most people would'nt want to fly around it. Most people would want to experience the content because it's extremely rewarding if you do NOT fly around it. I don't recommend this solution, because there are always, always people who will take the easy and quickest route, but it's something I would stand behind.

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#4 - 2014/05/05 08:42:00 PM
Due to the number of other similar such threads which are currently in the forums, this thread will now be locked. Thank you!